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Comprehensive actual combat self-defense Koroho General Master Specified non-profit corporation International Martial Arts Cultural Federation Representative International Police Instructor Association Certified Instructor International Tactical Defense Organization Japan Guidance Chief France St. Roland Bar Shooting Association Permanent Member


Contribution from the French Merit Promotion Committee Cross Medal Honorary Citizenship Award in France International Tactical Defense Organization Excellent Member Award All Japan Martial Arts Federation Awards / Thanks Awards from other martial arts organizations


Guidance on Gendarmerie by inviting the French National Gendarmerie, Security Special Forces, Italian police, Krav Maga self-defense instructors, and other European martial arts groups


I received various medals, awards, and testimonials through my activities in the Koryo method. I will post some of them.


Appointment of members of the International Police Instructors Association to General Yokoyama (November 12, 2006)

Appointment book Masato Yokoyama 
Membership number: F.001/2006 JP

Appointment date: November 12, 2006 
In Venice, Italy

International Police Instructors Association 
(Regular equipment unit)
Representative machine of the composition of self-defense training, suppression tactics, suppression technology, shooting training, security guard training

Signature: Paolo COLLA
Chief instructor


From the commander of the French National Gendarmerie and Security Forces (Southern France XX Garrison: March 18, 2004)

Highly praised for the gong method

We would like to thank Dr. Yokoyama for his guidance on various "Koryoho" in France.
Through these instructions, the martial arts people, including myself, were impressed with the quality professors and effective self-protection methods.
Many security forces members (security gendarmerie and police force) who participated in the training were attracted to the fact that the teacher's self-defense technique, especially the suppression technique against attackers with weapons, was simple and realistic. rice field.
I think that the teacher's self-defense technique, which has excellent effects, is practical and immediately useful, is just right for the security forces.
I would like to say hello to you, hoping that you will have the opportunity to train this technique with your teacher again in the near future.

Signature of the French National Gendarmerie, Commander of the Security Forces ...

From Mayor Nice, Senator

Congratulations on the medal

Dear Sir, I heard that you have served most of your existence to others and participated in the society of the Cote d'Azur, and that you were recently awarded the "French Merit Dedication" by the All-French Association for your generosity. I did.
I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and greetings. Very truly yours

From Jack, Senator Peila, Mayor of Nice, Mayor of Nice, Senator October 29, 2003


From the French National Gendarmerie District Chief, July 2005

Received a letter of appreciation and a history book of the French National Gendarmerie


From the International Tactical Defense Mechanism

Awarded the Excellent Membership Award


With French Prime Minister Beregova (as of 1993)

Talking about international exchange of martial arts and culture



Letter from Mr. LD, Commander (Southern France) of the French National Gendarmerie


Other medals / awards / testimonials

1. Received the French Contribution Cross Medal from the French Merit Recommendation Committee (March 2002)

2. Venice City Hall (Sports Category) Contribution Award (2009)

3. Contribution Award from Pianiga City (2010)

4. International Tactical Defense Organization Japan Chief Instructor Certificate (2010)

5. Contribution Award from Castelginist City (2010)

6. Comprehensive Martial Arts Federation Award ・ Former Budoden (2001)

7. Comprehensive Martial Arts Federation ・ Group Excellence Award (Gate School) ・ Former Budoden (2009)

8. Gratitude Award from the City of Braniga (2007))

9. Achievement Award Medal from Nice, France (2005)

10. Gratitude Award from the city of Chionville, France ・ Picture plate with city emblem and official number

11. Mayor Glass gives guidance to the National Gendarmerie and Police in the city (September 2002)

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