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International Martial Arts & Culture Federation (IMCF)

International Martial Arts & Culture Federation (IMCF), Activities since 1985.

(Kokusai Bujutsu Bunka Renmei)

International Martial Arts & Culture Federation is polyclonal of 2 sections.

1: Martial arts section.

2: Culture and art section


Advisors : Mr Naokazu TAKEMOTO (Ex-Minister of State for Special Missions)

      Mr Shigeo OOMAE (Ex- Vice Minister Ministry of Defense)

President : Masashi YOKOYAMA

Certificate of Recognition

  15th of Soke of Mondo Ryu Heiho (Classical Japanese martial arts)

Grand Master, Armored Samurai Battle Association

Grand Master of Super Self-defense KOROHO

Critic of Art

Certificate of Recognition

* Conditions to be a member of IMCF.

Black belt in any Japanese martial arts.

* One year membership fee is 15,000 Yen  


What IMCF member can receive:

* Membership certificate (Recognition certificate as Jpeg)

* Member can watch the Video channel

              (the skills of Samurai battle)


*We need the following information Please send the information by e-mail.

* We need the following information

Your address and TEL number, e-mail address.


Place of your Dojo.

Copy of your diploma

Title that you want us to write on membership certificate.

(For example, *** Karate *** Dan, Shihan)

Armored Samurai Battle

We practice Samurai battle skills of 16th century, Sengoku period.

Armored Samurai Battle Festival has been held many time, supported by some local government

It has become a hot topic on TV and other media.

We issue traditional certificate for the member.


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