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Many of you may be familiar with the comprehensive combat self-defense technique and Ko-ryu method, which have been introduced in many media outlets such as TV, newspapers, martial arts magazines, and weekly magazines. 
The Koryoho seminars held not only in Japan but also overseas have been well received by many professionals and the general public, including police officers, military personnel, martial arts instructors, self-defense instructors, and bodyguards. 

In modern crimes that are exacerbated, it is rare for a criminal to attack a person without a dangerous tool.
We will practice in a short period of time so that you can learn techniques for dealing with thugs with blades and weapons, and self-defense techniques such as when a woman is attacked by a thug. 

You will learn various self-defense techniques such as how to deal with thugs with bare hands and how to deal with thugs using daily necessities as self-defense tools.

功朗法 練習場
功朗法 入会

If you are proficient in martial arts and martial arts, can you deal with attacks from dangerous tools and shadows?
In most cases the answer is no.

Martial arts and martial arts are practiced on the premise that they will fight head-on under the same conditions.
Especially in recent years, it has become a sport and guidance is being given with a focus on improving competitive skills.

However, in modern crime, it is premised on cowardly acts such as using dangerous tools and suddenly attacking from the shadow.
Therefore, if you do not practice your attitude and skills against such cowardly thugs on a daily basis, you will be stabbed by the cowardly thug's pocket knife no matter how many years you practice martial arts and martial arts with a fair and healthy spirit. It can be.

Koryoho is the exact opposite of martial arts and martial arts, and is a knowledge that is premised on dealing with people who use dangerous tools or perform cowardly acts such as sudden hits from the shadows. Learn and train your skills.
Essentially, self-defense must be something like this.

Therefore, if anyone thinks that practicing martial arts and martial arts will be self-defense, and will be able to deal with the surprises of dangerous opponents and cowardly opponents, it is. I have to say that it is a misunderstanding.


Since it is based on simple movements that utilize instinctive movements and reflexive movements that everyone has, anyone can acquire it in a short period of time regardless of physical strength, physique, or muscle strength. It is a self-defense technique.


Daily practice focuses on interpersonal training of dangerous tools.
Those who have become accustomed to it are training in free fights where opponents with weapons can freely make sudden attacks from the shadows in the practice field where they put on face guards and armor, put obstacles and turn off the lights. To do.


To deal with a sudden attack, it must be a reflexive movement within two movements.
No matter how complicated and frequent the movements you learn, you need to think in your brain, and in a tense or unexpected situation, your body will not react immediately and you will not be able to make it in time.


Suppose you hit a punch on a thug's face, the thug bleeds from his face, and you also get an abrasion on your hand.
If the thug has any illness due to a blood infection, you are likely to have the same illness.
The Koro method makes heavy use of open hands to counterattack the eyes and other vital points.


This means applying one tool or technique to many things.

In Koroho, rather than learning many techniques, you practice applying several techniques to deal with all attacks.
There is no point in learning many techniques unless you can use them in a hurry.
Rather, if you learn one technique with a wide range of applications, your body will react and deal with it without hesitation.


He began learning ko-ryu, jujutsu, and swordsmanship when he was in the first year of junior high school, and continued karate until his mid-20s, even after he entered high school, college, and society.
After that, he met various martial arts, and in his early thirties he founded his own comprehensive practical self-defense technique, Ko-ryu.

I stayed in Europe for a long time and often traveled to Asian countries to promote international cultural exchange (martial arts and arts).
I've slipped through the turmoil of the Gulf War.
Every time I encountered a dangerous eye several times in my daily life, I realized the need to refine the technique of anti-dangerous tool self-defense to make it easier to use and simpler.

By integrating these experiences and researches, we have completed the prototype of today's Koryo method. 

Since its founding, it has provided seminars and regular guidance at the request of martial arts associations and public institutions, mainly in Europe, but it is still the National Gendarmerie of Southern France, security forces, Italian police officers and Krav Maga self-defense instructors. We regularly go to teach at the invitation of martial arts organizations from all over Europe. 

Especially in recent years, the technology and philosophy of Gendarmerie have gained a reputation for being rational and practical, and Italian Krav Maga self-defense instructors have moved to Gendarmerie and security forces in southern France. The commanders and members of the group also actively worked to popularize the Gendarmerie, and the European Gendarmerie Union was established.

The members of Koroho dominated the top ranks every time at the National Self-Defense Suppression Tournament (Open Tournament) held in Tokyo.

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