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In Koroho, we offer classes on business trips.

I don't know where the danger lies in my daily life. We will give a lecture on crime prevention methods and crisis management to prevent such dangers. Depending on your ideas and daily habits, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

We will consider the content and time of the course according to the target person.
You can also demonstrate self-defense. Please contact us for details.


Main training destinations and training contents

・ Himeji City Kindergarten "Countermeasures against intruders, training"
・ Nishinomiya City Kindergarten (a group of kindergartens, nursery school principals, and chief teachers in Nishinomiya City) "General Self-Defense"
・ NHK Culture Center "Self-defense for women"
・ Sumiyoshi Human Rights Center "General Self-Defense"

・ Events of other companies, etc.


At the request of the Himeji City Childcare Association, a self-defense course for nursery teachers was introduced in the Yomiuri Shimbun.


We received a thank-you note from the public human rights center. In addition, we had you take a class questionnaire.

Person in charge: A. Miwa
Thank you for everything 6 times. I have no words of gratitude for having a large number of staff and providing detailed guidance. Thanks to you, I was able to finish the course with great popularity. Thank you. The results of the questionnaire I took yesterday are reported below. We pray for the spread of the wonderful self-defense technique called self-defense technique, and for the continued success of the staff, including Professor Yokoyama. If you have another chance, thank you.


| About the contents

As expected ・ 12 people Different from expectations but good ・ 0 people Normal ・ 0 people

| About the instructor

Good 12 people Normal 0 people

| About the atmosphere

Sufficiently integrated ・ 10 people Normal ・ 2 people

| About impressions

・ I would like to know more, so I am looking forward to the next lecture.
・ I would like to see a course that is in line with real life.
・ The practice of being attacked in an actual living space such as aisles, narrow spaces, and corners was very helpful.
・ I was able to understand the teacher's teaching method well.
・ I feel like I can use it enough when something happens. I regret myself as I was always walking around.
・ I didn't think it difficult to say self-defense, but I was able to teach you what is usually possible in an easy-to-understand manner.

It was good.

Lecture content


Ideas and daily habits can reduce your risk.

■ Part 1
Preventing the invasion of buildings (a defense and crime prevention method that uses everyday items that can be done personally, which is different from the mechanical security of security companies) 
■ Part 2
Personal crisis management on commute, school roads, elevators, stairs, etc. 
■ Part 3
Personal crisis management abroad 
■ Part 4
Response to stalking


Personal defense with security equipment etc.

Self-defense demonstration



Up to 3 hours

30,000 yen

* Up to 25 people in the case of practical skills, and in the case of 26 or more people, the number of instructors will increase, so an extra charge will be applied.

* Separately if transportation and accommodation costs are incurred.

* Schools and community volunteer groups are available for consultation on costs.

* Volunteer business trips are possible in the Tokyo metropolitan area and near Osaka for demonstrations at events and mini seminars (about 30 minutes).

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