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Koroho's style of "using instinctive movements, requiring no force, simple and easy" has been well received by the general public and is attracting attention in various media. On this page, we will introduce an example taken up in each media.

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TV / radio broadcasting

January 3rd and 7th, 2017

NHK General "Sengoku no He ~, Ho ~"

December 2016

NHK World News (viewed in 150 countries around the world)

November 7th and 14th, 2016

Radio Osaka "I'm Takao Fujikawa, Morning Rider!"

June 5, 2016

NHK "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae" Sanada Maru Battle

May 6, 2013

Radio Osaka "Let's go with Masayuki Nakai's happiness!"

July 2015

Collaboration with Fuji TV Yume Continent Iwaryujima x Gachi Armor Battle

March 25, 2015

Live martial arts on Fuji TV next / CS Iwaryujima public verification 3

March 17, 2015

"Eagle Talon's World Domination Radio" Tokyo FM


European TV {ARTE "(broadcast in France and Germany)

It was featured in various programs.

June 2019

BS11 "History Science Investigation Team" Battle of Okehazama

April 2019

Asahi Broadcasting "Be Bop High Heels"

Recorded in February 2018

NHK General TV "Chiesen"

Tetsuo Hara "Flower Celebration Official FB / Video"

February 2018

Nippon Television "Tokoro-san no Me Ten"

January 25, 2018

Nippon Television "Uchimura Terasu"

August 2017

NHK World News




Magazine article

Martial arts monthly magazine "Secret" November 2010-January 2012 serialized

Books / DVDs

We would like to introduce books and DVDs recommended for those who want to know more about Koroho and those who cannot come to the dojo.
If you would like to purchase the books and DVDs introduced here, please contact us or purchase at your local retailer or Amazon.

Masatoshi Yokoyama Comprehensive actual combat self-defense technique Koroho 2 Control the enemy while walking [DVD]

Self-defense and comprehensive self-defense, which is attracting attention in many fields due to its high practicality and practicality. The second DVD of Koroho, which aims for a flexible and realistic response method assuming various situations, introduces a highly tactical gait that wraps around to the side and back while avoiding enemy attacks.


Survival method to protect yourself from violent crime [book]

How to neutralize enemy weapons? Explain how to rationally eliminate thugs, control them, or discover them in advance to control risk. Introducing the self-defense technique "Koryoho", focusing on the technique of self-defense and suppression with bare hands.


Immediate Defense Techniques [DVD]

Control everything with one action. (Basic technique for beginners)
BAB Japan


Self-defense suppression for 0.5 seconds [DVD]

The fastest indirect technique that controls proximity.
It also introduces and explains physical operations such as weapons techniques of the same style as the gate.
BAB Japan

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